APNH Project/Program Evaluation & Updates

For decades, APNH: A Place to Nourish your Health has been a leader in service delivery of HIV/AIDS services. As the epidemic has changed, so has APNH – and so has the need for innovation in meeting the ever expanding needs of our community. APNH is proud to present some of our latest programs and projects with you.

Staying Connected is an APNH program born out of innovation. When the reality of the COVID-19 Pandemic settled in, and it was clear that quarantines would continue indefinitely, staff at APNH became concerned that many of our clients would experience increased isolation, trauam and be disconnected from their care providers. Fearing the effects this would have on health outcomes, we began our “Staying Connected” project. The program would supply those in need with tablets outfitted with internet service. We provide necessary training and support. APNH hired an individual to set up the tablets and ready them for distribution. In addition, two part time Peer Client Support staff were hired to assist clients with ongoing support.
To date, 50 tablets have been distributed to connect individuals to support groups, recovery groups, behavioral health appointments, medical appointments, and each other. While nothing can take the place of in-person interactions, Staying Connected has reduced isolation, maintaining a lifeline to clients and assisted them is staying home and safe.
APNH has been recognized by peer organizations for this innovative program and is currently composing a report and protocol to share with others so that similar programming can be established at other agencies. For more information regarding Staying Connected, please contact Joan Bendici.



Chat4Change is a new CDC funded PrEP Demonstration Project that APNH is working on in partnership with the Connecticut Department of Public Health, the Center for Interdisciplinary Research on AIDS at Yale University, CHER Solutions, LLC, and other Community Partners. The purpose of the program is to increase awareness and uptake of PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) in communities where the incidence of new HIV infections are highest – in New Haven, that is young Black and Latinx men who have sex with men. As a demonstration project, the program is evolving. The program utilizes social media/dating app platforms and social networks to conduct outreach and provide resources to individuals who are interested in PrEP – a very effective HIV prevention tool. More information coming soon! For more information, please contact Kiana McDavid.