Staff Spotlight Spring 2021

In each newsletter, APNH will introduce you to a APNH staff member. We will provide a bit of information about what they do with APNH and hopefully, a little more about who they are and what makes them unique. 

Nick Boshnack

Name? Nicholas John Boshnack

Favorite Color? Green. As a child it worried me that I preferred it to blue. Maybe the first time that I thought that I was different from other boys.

Favorite Singer/Band? Judy Garland and my favorite album (am I dating myself?) is Judy Live at Carnegie Hall. If you haven’t ever heard it please listen.

Favorite Food? PIZZA – may be part of the reason that I live in New Haven?

Favorite Childhood Cartoon? Road Runner – what can I say, I had 3 older brothers?

What was your very first job? The only staff at a little take out health food restaurant located in a public hospital in Miami. I prepared the food and packaged it up. Taught me to multitask and how to cope under pressure.

What is your favorite hobby? Shopping for clothing bargains online. Not that I have anywhere to wear them.

Years with APNH? First here during the 1999-2000 academic year as an intern. I wanted my second placement to be at an AIDS Service Organization (ASO) because that was the field I was committed to. Came back in 2003 in my current role.

What do you do at APNH? In my role as Director of Client Services, I work with the entire Ryan White direct care team that includes medical case managers, the behavioral health team and providers of supportive services.

What accomplishment at APNH are you most proud of? Back in 2007, there was a radical shift in how the Feds required us to substantiate the Ryan White services that we provide. We had to document clinical outcome measures including retention in medical care and improvement, or maintenance, of viral load. There was one funder who was unsure if a community based ASO would be able to accomplish this. I am pleased to share that through a tremendous team effort we successfully realigned how we provided services, strengthened our collaborations with clinics, and our funding and services have expanded based on our success.

What is the biggest change you have witnessed at APNH since you arrived? In January of 2019 the direct care team began having access to Epic, the electronic health record utilized by Yale and both community health centers. This has been a game changer. With our clients consent, of course, we are able to review upcoming appointments, result of bloodwork and communicate directly with providers. This has greatly strengthened our ability to monitor the health outcomes of our clients.

What is your dream retirement? Like the Queen, I have no intention of stepping down.