Behavioral Health

Address All Levels of the Person: Body. Mind. Spirit.

Behavioral Health

APNH Behavioral Health Services address all levels of the person; Body, Mind and Spirit.  Fostering the healing, growth and wellness of the whole individual is our goal.  If you are feeling depressed, anxious, or stressed, or if you’re dealing with issues that feel beyond your control, you’ve got a safe and welcoming place to turn to for help. Our doctor, nurse and counselors are highly qualified in many aspects of the emotional and behavioral concerns facing members of our community. We specialize in culturally competent care provided by a diverse team of professionals, representative of the community we serve. We understand your needs because we have been there, and have been providing services to our community for over 35 years!

Behavioral Health Services we provide:

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Please contact Rich Radocchia, LCSW @ 475.441.7031