Why has APNH Changed Their Name?

We have expanded our mission and strive to serve more people.  Three and a half decades into the AIDS epidemic, we are more and more focused on caring for the whole person, not just their HIV.  We have always focused on nourishment, providing the body, mind and spirit with what it needs for growth, health and good condition.  We are committed to honoring who we have been since our founding in 1983, who we have served and the dedication and work of those who came before us in service to our community, hence it is important to us to continue to be known as APNH while at the same time re-defining our identity and role in the lives of those we serve and the community as a whole.

What is the New Mission? Why Change the Mission?

We provide services to those who face stigma or challenges in receiving culturally competent care.

As we celebrate 35 years serving the Greater New Haven Community, we’ve looked back on the work we have done, the competencies we have built, the relationships we have built and the opportunities to put those aspects of who we are to service for an even greater good.

What is the Vision?

Our vision is a community where everyone has access to high quality, relationship based, holistic care to inspire health and well-being and to empower people at risk of, or impacted by, HIV, substance use, mental illness and related conditions.Our vision is a community where everyone has access to high quality, relationship based, holistic care to inspire health and well-being and to empower people at risk of, or impacted by, HIV, substance use, mental illness and related conditions.

How Were These Decisions Made?

Over the past two years we have engaged the board of directors, staff and clients of APNH in a strategic process of listening, reflecting and dreaming.  We examined our strengths, areas of growth and improvement, opportunities and unmet needs in the community.  A new name, mission and vision are not the end result, but rather the jumping off point to be more, do more and make a greater impact.  We will continue to explore, learn and passionately follow our hearts and minds (and data) to inspire wellness and empower everyone we work with.

What Does This Mean for Current Clients/People Living with HIV?

APNH will ALWAYS be committed to providing high quality, comprehensive care to individuals living with HIV.  Our name change and new mission and vision will allow us to expand the programs and services we offer our current clients, reduce the effects of stigma – individuals are coming to APNH to nourish their health – body, mind and spirit, not only for HIV services.

Is APNH Becoming a Gay Organization?

APNH is becoming an organization to service ANYONE facing stigma or challenges in receiving culturally competent care.  We have a strong history of working in the gay community, a community that continues to face stigma and challenges.

Why Are We Using a Rainbow Flag in Our New Logo

Our new logo is not a rainbow flag, but a rainbow swoosh.  While the rainbow is a symbol of the LGBT movement, it is also a universal symbol of diversity.  We have added the black and brown to the rainbow swoosh to symbolize inclusion of all racial backgrounds.  The rainbow is a symbol of inclusion, peace, beauty, promise and enlightenment.  We want to be clear that we welcome a diverse background – we also want to symbolize that we embrace the LGBT community and all races.

Rainbows introduce us to reflections of different beautiful possibilities so we never forget that from the storm, light shines through and reflects beauty.

When Will the New Services Be Available?

We will be building new programs and services, applying for grants and funding and exploring opportunities to bill for services continually.  Some services will be available quickly, some will take time as we secure the funding to pay for them.

What Programs and Services Have we Added?

Most immediately, we will be adding mental health counseling and substance use treatment services, support groups and opportunities for holistic and spiritual nourishment.  We are looking at funding opportunities to expand our program options with a focus on health and wellness – the possibilities are only limited by our ability to vision and dream and the resources to carry those visions and dreams out.  We will continue to listen to the community, partner with other organizations and meet needs in the community where gaps exist.

Can Anyone Come to APNH Now and Receive Services?

As we expand our programs and services, we will conduct outreach and make our services known to the community. Individuals will need to meet eligibility requirements or have insurance to cover services they access.  Our updated and dynamic website will be the best place to receive updated information on programs and services offered.