Prevention Services

Wide Array of Preventative Services

Prevention Services

APNH offers an array of preventative services in a holistic, nonjudgmental, sex-positive atmosphere. Knowing your HIV status plays a major key in preventative care, alongside having the knowledge to reduce your risk in additional ways without deterring your life of the things that make you you. APNH is committed to hiring individuals who are reflective of the epidemic, not just in HIV care but in substance abuse, behavioral and emotional health and additional areas affecting Greater New Haven and the state of Connecticut as a whole. APNH offers the following services Monday – Friday from 9am – 4pm in addition to Tuesday after hours from 4pm – 7pm. Please call 475-441-7020 or 475-441-7025 for any additional information or to schedule an appointment.

Prevention Services include:

For more information on any of the Prevention Services

Please contact a Prevention Services Coordinator @ 475.441.7020